Lawson Aschenbach

Our business model at Biz Car is to buy cars from consumers all across the country. So we were introduced to ClearCar actually at the NADA convention and it's turned out to be a really integral piece to our business. For us, ClearCar has been amazing when it comes to lead generation and qualifying leads. We've seen an increase in probably 50% for our ability to capture leads. Clear Car is the best program for Biz Car one. It's very easy to use. It was very easy to implement and it also syncs with all the other programs that we're using. I think one of the most important factors in being able to seal a deal is speed and efficiency. Having that ability to get the offer to the customer, contact the customer and potentially purchase that car within maybe 24 hours or even less, I think gives us an advantage over a lot of people. From the consumer side, we've got nothing but positive reviews so far. It's simple, it's easy, it's very efficient, and when they can go to our site, plug in a little bit of information, get a very precise number, the person has one been captured. But number two, they feel confident in the fact that they're getting something that's real. Biz Car is revolutionizing the consumer selling experience and we have Clear Car to thank for that.

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