Changing the game
with condition-enhanced pricing

ClearCar’s vision is transforming the automotive industry by delivering accurate vehicle pricing through transparency, enabling dealers and their customers to make informed decisions with confidence.


Inspections for
added accuracy

Industry leading

Unrivaled technologies only available with ClearCar:

Digital Pricing Engine

With simple questions that give clarity into condition, customers can quickly and easily disclose key details that contribute to the vehicle’s value.

ClearCar Capture

Customers receive a link to submit self-guided photos, capturing the true vehicle condition.
This web-based feature elevates the transparency in the process, and enhances visibility, allowing dealers and consumers to confidently transact without ever leaving the home or office.

Damage Detection

Guided photo capture paired with our revolutionary AI scans can detect damage down to the pixel –This enhanced view of the size and severity of any damage on a vehicle is summarized in a detailed report.

Bring transparency to your process.

ClearCar leverages vast amounts of data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to deliver transparent and accurate pricing. With additive and user-friendly tools, each layer of transparency delivers a more accurate price.

Transparency for dealers

  • Calibrated offer engine
  • Lead dashboards and reporting
  • Customizable branding
  • Higher conversion rates

Transparency for customers

  • An accurate price on your vehicle within minutes
  • Condition-based price on your unique vehicle
  • Get a price from home, or on the go, at any time from your phone

The ClearCar advantage

  • Streamlined process for dealers and customers
  • Enhanced visibility of a vehicle’s condition
  • Increased transparency of trade-in deals
  • Unparalleled accuracy and data-backed valuations
  • Easy and quick to access real-time results and pricing

The customer process is simple.

Our trade-in process shows how a vehicle stacks up against the market based on its condition in real time. Customers simply:

Step 1:

Answer a few simple questions to give dealers visibility into a vehicle’s condition.

Step 2:

Receive an accurate price based on current market conditions and vehicle input.

Step 3:

When prompted, snap photos following the visual queues and submit images in order to verify the condition details.

Move your acquisitions in the right direction.

With ClearCar, you can create a customized solution that fits your dealership’s unique needs to start seeing results immediately. Using our suite of tools, we can tailor a one-of-a-kind trade-in program to fit your specific requirements.

Our tools are easy to use, can be seamlessly integrated into your existing processes, and are designed to help you streamline your workflow, save time, and maximize profits.

Let us help you build a program that best suits your needs, using the tools that fit your budget and goals.

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