Kim Larsen

I've been with Lester Glenn for 13 years. I run our Internet Sales department where we field all the incoming sales calls. We schedule appointments for our customers to come in and see vehicles, and I love ClearCar as the Internet Sales Manager because we can use it as a tool to give them an idea of what we can truly give them. A lot of our customers want values over the phone, and ClearCar has enabled us to give the customer a virtual appraisal and a really good idea of what their vehicle is worth before stepping foot into the showroom. ClearCar provides a program that will allow you to walk around your vehicle and there are preset pictures and we reassess the value by looking at those photos and we'll actually either increase or decrease the value depending upon the severity of the damage to the vehicle. I am 100% confident in the numbers that ClearCar provides because of the accuracy and the feedback I hear from the customers. Everybody wants to know what their car's worth and ClearCar puts the customer in control of their buying experience. 

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