Firas Makhlouf

Here at Driver's Village, we use the Clear Car product to drive traffic for vehicles that we want to purchase. So we have it on all our websites, so it's customer facing. Since we implemented Clear Car, 75% of the vehicles that we're taking off Clear Car, we're putting 'em on the lot and we're selling 'em to other consumers. Using Clear Car, we see that the leads have a higher quality score. We have 80% show ratio in the leads, and we have about 45% buy ratio from those qualified leads. Since we implemented Clear Car, we put it in all our 17 franchises because of the quality of lead plus the speed of the transaction for the consumer. What we've seen from consumers that are using Clear Car, they feel confident because of the transparency that's there. We are not trying to hide something from them. We're give them all the values that are appropriate for their vehicle and they feel confident to come in here and doing a transaction with us. The used car market really tends to lean heavy on technology and with a partner like a ACV, they provide so much technology. It makes it easier for us to put values on vehicles and also to remarket and sell our vehicles.

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